Kelsey Vander Vliet

I am a 24 year old from Northern Indiana, and I am experiencing the first year after placement in real time.

I placed my baby boy in May of 2016. After placement, life was tough. It seems impossible to try and move on with everyday life when you are also grieving for someone who is still alive. I decided I could not take it anymore. I had to try and help myself.

I have found that a healthy balance of helping yourself and helping others is quite therapeutic. I attend a support group in the South Bend, Indiana area to help myself, and I am active in my community to help others. If you repeat this pattern, I think you will start to see not only the blessings that will come your way, but the blessings that you already have.

As you will notice on the blog page, you are able to post comments. I don't want to just talk at you. What lives in my mind may not always live in yours. Please feel free to share whatever is on your mind. If you don't feel comfortable talking about your story with anyone in your life, this is the place to speak freely.

Lastly, please utilize the resources tab. Right now, I only have information for Indiana. That will change, and hopefully soon! I want to give you all of the options that are available in your area so that you can do what is best for YOU!